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Below are a list of the fundamental services we provide to all communities.

Many additional community services can be found here (coming soon). Clients will often choose all of the fundamental services, as well as a few of the additional ones for version 1.0. As the community grows, we recommend which of our services we think would result in the most additional engagement from the community.

Community Website

Develop and Maintain a Website Community

Build a website from our proven template that matches the specifications of the client.

A professional, authentic, well maintained player-created community website is essential for your game to appear popular and attractive to players immediately at launch, and for years to come.

High End Hosting

High-end website hosting and a CDN for optimal site performance.

In this high-tech society, Game Makers and users expect very fast page load speeds. This  contributes to the overall enjoyable experience of the community.

Professional Design with Great UI/UX

We design a very simple and straightforward UI / UX that allows users to quickly and easily find all in game data, and game guides on all topics.

Players want to find information as quickly and efficiently as possible so they can get back to the game.

Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All game data and game guide pages need to follow a specific set of rules in order for them to rank high in google search.

Our page rankings on Google vary between positions #1-3. This visibility is important for garnering  organic traffic to the community.

Content and Tools

Gear or Monster Rating Pages

Clear and presentable pages will be created for each gear or monster for the initial build. Over time we work with players to add more strategic information to each page.

Players need guides to prioritize which gear or monster they want to keep. This improve retention by eliminating some confusion that comes with a complex game.

We work with contributors because they are often influencers that a lot of players follow. Keeping them involved is important to retention of many more players.

Weekly Strategy Guides that Support Game Updates and New Features

Typically we write 2-3 guides per week on game play strategy. However this may fluctuate depending on how fast new content is released.

Strategy guides are crucial to getting the community and new players engaged with your game. The sooner they understand the game and succeed in it, the sooner they will invest more into it.

Non-biased Content

The content we write is primarily focused on strategy and objective facts, but sometimes we share opinions that reflect the sentiment of the community.

Non-biased content is necessary for an authentic community. 


Actively Maintained Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts are associated with the brand we create as a community. We share content daily that we think the community will appreciate.

Establishing a community brand across multiple channels is a way to establish credibility, provide more ways for more users to see content, and promote a The Game as a lifestyle. 

Email Newsletters

An email newsletter is sent to all registered users each time a new guide is created, or a new feature is added to the website that we would like to share with the users.

Email newsletters are a fundamental strategy for growing the user base. They often receive 12-20% open rates, resulting in great user retention and maximizing views per guide.

Collaborating with Other Online Communities

We connect with as many player communities that we can find. For example, Reddit and Line Groups in the US are extremely popular for game community activity.

Sharing content on other online communities to assist players and build brand awareness expands our reach to more users.

Influencer Relationships

Seek and Maintain Relationships with Key Influencers and Hardcore Users

We build relationships with the community of players as a whole, and individual key influencers. We do this to promote our brand, generate traffic, learn the latest strategies, and understand the sentiment of the most engaged players.

To truly understand what the user base is searching for in terms of content, it’s essential to have relationships with a lot of players at all stages of the game. We often know more about the players wants, needs, problems than the Game Maker because we talk to the players on a daily basis.

Promotion of Key Influencers and Hardcore Users

We share content created by other Key Influencers and Hardcore Users to foster a more widespread community.

Key Influencers and Hardcore Users are the pillars of an active community. Promoting them is of utmost importance. 

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Collaboration with the Game Design and Marketing

We typically talk with the Game Design and Marketing team on at least a monthly basis to collaborate on: content promotion, content creation, community development, and marketing.

In normal player created communities the Game Maker has little to no control in how the content is being created and marketed. Thus, it often does not synchronize with their goals. When the community and Game Maker’s goals align, there is a bigger impact on retention and engagement.

Player Sentiment Reports

After a few months, when we begin understanding the community sentiment on a deeper level, we send player sentiment reports on how players are reacting to the game.

It can be tough for the Game Maker to gain true insight into the sentiment of the community through customer support tickets only. Personal relationships and daily interaction ultimately reveal a lot more.

Access to Google Analytics

We provide viewable access to our Google Analytics so the Game Maker can monitor traffic, user demographics, user engagement, and other data that Google Analytics provides.

Google Analytics provides key insights into what content users are engaging with in the community.