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Professional Mobile Gaming Communities

Increase the retention and engagement of all your players. Get professional website communities designed, built, and maintained for your hit mobile games.

A Great Community Improves The Game Experience for Everyone!

At App Scrolls we build a community you will be proud of and your players will want to stay engaged with for a long, long time.

Whether you are a publisher, developer, or player, an engaged community can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of playing a game.

Communities are a place where players can connect with each other, learn about the game, and let the game fuze into their lifestyle.

Avoid Abandoned, Poorly Managed, Negative Communities

Every day your most valuable players are making critical judgments about the success and popularity of your game based off the state of your community.

Unfortunately, publisher created communities are often neglected due to lack of internal resources or attention. While player created communities are typically abandoned within 3-6 months because players don’t get the ROI they were looking for.

These realities aren’t just frustrating for publishers, but players hate them too!

Our Values



Arguably, the most important metric for every mobile game right now is Long-Term Retention. It’s the only way to compete with the skyrocketing advertising prices and increased competition for each game genre. Getting your players plugged into an active community full of passionate players is proven to boost their retention significantly.



Across all of our communities, thousands of players have stated they would play at least 40%-60% less on average if our communities did not exist. The amount of users and viewing engagement we get in comparison to publisher created social media and forums is typically 10x greater. In addition, our content is able to more effectively convert your users from casual to hardcore.



Highly engaged, long-term players are exactly what you need to increase the lifetime value of each of your players. Between 40-80% of subscribed users in our communities spend $100+ per month in game. Combine that with the fact that 90% of our subscribers have played longer than 6 months, and you can see that our content attracts your most valuable users.

Are you ready to win at community?

Our Process



Planning is key to a successful community. Before the design phase begins, we will work with your team to determine the unique goals and challenges specific to retaining your players. Then we address all aspects of design including: appearance, layout, content focus, and community features.



After understanding what’s important to you and your players, we will build a website that includes it all. During this 2 month phase, we  meet bi-monthly to share progress and get your feedback.



You want your game to last for years, and we do to. Maintaining a positive community, with great content, for a long time, is what players need to stay engaged with your game. We take a hands on approach to do this right. (See “Our Key Elements to Success” below)

Find out if we are as good at building communities as we are at mobile gaming!

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Our Key Elements to Success



Content comes in all shapes and sizes: articles, videos, game data, dank memes, and social media posts. Nothing kills the reputation of a community faster than bad or outdated content. When you partner with us, we play your game every day to make sure we are among the best. We form direct relationships with your players to source the latest and greatest strategies and stories.



Players want to be a part of the larger game community. They want to branch out from their small alliance of 100 people and their kingdom of a few thousand, and interact with the player base as a WHOLE. That is one of the reasons in-game world events are so popular! Through player submissions, interviews, and competitions, we allow players from all servers to connect and interact with each other.



Providing exposure and attention to your top influencers and most engaged players is essential not only for your game’s success, but for the success of your community. Recognition from the community is very powerful for keeping valuable players heavily invested. When we interview top players, they always tell us it’s one of the most rewarding things they’ve gotten out of playing.

It's time.


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